Venture, Transaction & M&A Diligence

Venture, Transaction & M&A Due Diligence

Cooke Law Firm offers potential investors (private equity, venture or angel) or participants in other transactions (including M&A) insight that can be crucial in decision making when a transaction involves technology. The input from Cooke Law Firm can be especially valuable when patents, trade marks or trade secrets may contribute a significant portion of the total value of the deal. The statement “we have a patent” is virtually meaningless without further information. An analysis of the value of a patent requires consideration of the market value that may be exclusively reserved by the claims of the patent, considering various claim interpretations, and the likelihood that the patent is valid. After such an analysis, many patents, even if valid, may have a low potential value in the market. Some may have much larger potential value than first expected. Such an analysis can be performed using the industry expertise and extensive patent office experience in Cooke Law Firm –melding the two areas of knowledge in a small group that is responsive to the needs of the client.