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Cooke Law Firm was founded in January 2005 by Claude Cooke. It is located in Montgomery, Montgomery County, Texas , in an area that is experiencing rapid growth in the number of technology-based companies.

The firm has a unique combination of decades of experience in every level of the patent prosecution process coupled with decades of experience in industrial research and commercialization of new technology. Expertise in oil industry technologies is particularly broad.

The field of Intellectual Property Law includes patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. (Copyright law is not discussed since the Firm does not practice in the area). Patent law provides that rights to inventions are granted and maintained for the period of time when the federal government grants a monopoly to the owner of a patent. Trademarks are granted by the federal government to protect investments in names, symbols or other representations used to identify products and services in the marketplace. Trade secrets are very important to companies making improvements of products or services in their marketplace. Counsel regarding legal requirements to establish and maintain trade secrets is an important service of the Firm.

Patents and trademarks may be infringed. An analysis to determine if a patent is infringed, which may be performed for an owner of a patent or for one who may be accused of infringing another’s patent, requires detailed knowledge of patent law and the technology involved. Trade secrets may be lost by theft or by misappropriation. Intellectual property theft has considerably increased in recent years. At Cooke Law Firm, our lawyers will fight to help clients protect patents, trademarks, and trade secrets.

Our practice areas include, but are not limited to: patent searches, patent application drafting, patent opinions, patent prosecution, patent litigation, trademarks, trade secrets and licensing and other technology development agreements. Our experienced, dedicated lawyers are focused on, and take great pride in, advising and obtaining patent protection for a wide scale of technologies.

For more information on how we can help to protect your rights and your property, contact Cooke Law Firm at (936) 520-3829 to speak with an Intellectual Property attorney today. Click here to read more about our attorneys.

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